International Nurses Day

Every year on May 12th International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world  – the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.
In 2013 a key theme is how nurses can help tackle health inequalities and be part of the drive to improve healthcare systems.
NHSGGC, one of the largest single employers of nurses in the UK, shares this goal of reducing health inequalities.
Another goal is the improvement of healthcare systems – in Greater Glasgow and Clyde many of our staff across all of our services are involved in the Clinical Services Review. The review aims to ensure our services are designed to best serve our changing population needs, improve outcomes and make best use of our resources.
There is also a focus on improving maternal health, reducing child mortality rates and promoting gender equality.
These are highly relevant to the work of our nurses, who seek to celebrate and share innovative good practice every day to provide person centred, safe and effective care.
Rosslyn Crocket, Board Nurse Director, has seen for herself how staff are already achieving these goals.
She said: “I have been very encouraged during the many visits I have made to local clinical areas where I have been hugely impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of our nursing staff and their attention to supporting their patients by taking account of their individual needs.
“The day is also a great opportunity to say thanks to our staff, to all of the nurses who work across our board area whether in hospitals, clinics or patients' homes.
“I think it is really important to recognise all the good work and care provided to our patients and their families by our nursing staff.
“I want to thank you all for your efforts to deliver the very best of care for each of your patients all the time, as this is what we all came into nursing to do.”
Tell us about any events you are organising for International Nurses Day and don’t forget to update the nurses portal at
community nurse  in current NHSScotland uniform, 170 Nursing has changed dramatically since Nightingale’s time – but the principle of patient centred care and compassion remain the same. Nurses - Pic 01, 170